One of the greatest benefits of joining a Greek organization is an amazing opportunity to become a leader in your organization and within the campus community. Greek students hold a majority of leadership roles on campus outside of Greek Life. Some of the many organizations’ Greeks hold leadership positions in including Student Government, Campus Activities Board, the Orientation Team and Residence Life, honor societies, etc.


Greek organizations at Florida Tech pride themselves in the amount of campus and community service performed and philanthropy dollars raised. Each Greek organization has at least one large philanthropy project that is conducted each year. These projects range from a softball tournament to a food drive to a wall of prejudice to the Special Olympics and everything in between.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Brotherhood and sisterhood is the most profound aspect of Greek Life at Florida Tech. It forms bonds of lifelong friendships that are cultivated through chapter and interfraternal activities. During the new member process, these bonds are forged and the true meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood is learned by the new members. One thing that is unique about Florida Tech Greek Life that is not as prevalent at other campuses is the interfraternal bonds between members of different organizations. It is this belief and understanding of one another that leads Greek Life at Florida Tech to be admired by campuses across the nation.



The purpose of college is to receive a high-quality education. All of the Greek men and women at Florida Tech aspire to be the best possible students they can possibly be. All of the organizations offer many scholastic programs and wonderful scholarship opportunities. Please see below how important academics truly are to all Greek organizations.